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I hope this makes sense

Maybe it's because now I have cable TV or maybe it's the arrival of summer, but I've noticed more ads/movies/tv shows that emphasize big breasts with small waists. I don't mind seeing it once in a while, but am I being too sensitive? I look at movies and tv shows from a few years ago and I don't see that same emphasize (or at least as much). I know that men have some physical appearence pressures in our society, but I am just so sick of seeing Girls Gone Wild ads or stupid beer commercials like Captian Morgan or tv shows like The Man Show. They make men look stupid and women look like, well, sex objects. I saw something on-line a "study" that "proved" that the bigger a woman's breasts, the less intelligent she was. What the hell? I also get sick of the debate of, do men prefer large breasts. Who cares? I don't. Besides, you can't put all men into one catagory. I also saw something on the liquid generation site, which does the Britney Spears's breasts thing, something called "whose boobs?". When it came to Gwyneth Paltrow, they compared her breasts to a perseverant boy. Grrrr!
I also wanted to make it clear that in my last post about Spears, I think it's sad that so much attention is given to her breasts. I posted because of something I saw in a journal in which the person wrote, "I don't have Britney Spears breasts!" as in "I'm not huge like her". I feel sorry for the poor girl Britney, so much pressure is put on her. The real mystery is the media and how women's bodies are marketed. I think it is hard for any young women period, not to mention a female celebrity. I think it is easy for us to look at a woman who is famous and criticize her if she got implants or changed her physical appearence. I know I have in the past. Now it just makes me sad to think of all those young women who are told they are not good enough and feel they have to change the way they look (or are pressured to).
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