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hi everyone!

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i completely know how you feel, though i am not really a "waif" all the way down :-)

here are some postings i have made in other forums...

>>okay how about this one:

i also have an american "a" cup, but i live in germany now, where i have been reduced to a size "aa" or sometimes even an "aaa" because their bras are made differently. for some reason, german people just don't want to believe that there are women out there with anything less than a german "a" cup (which equals an american "b" cup). as a result, i have not been able to find any german bras that are small enough for me, without having to stuff them with loads of padding so it looks like i have a german "a" cup. this has REALLY damaged my self-esteem (not that i had much to begin with...). my boyfriend, who is german, LOVES my breasts (or at least SAYS he loves them), so there is no problem from THAT end.... but i am still left with no self esteem, and tons of people who say to me, "oh you are so lucky not to NEED a bra! why don't you just go WITHOUT one?" to which i must reply "because i don't want to look like an effing 5 year old!!!" AND i would like, just once, to find a dress that fits both my chest AND my hips (which seem quite large, when compared to my flat chest...) has it really come to this? that society has put so much importance and emphisis onto breasts, that they don't even make bras for smaller breasted women, and force us to stuff the bras they DO make so we can fit into the dresses they make???? can i just move to another planet please????<<

>>i tried the same kind of thing - quickbust - and nothing grew except my hair and fingernails. and think about it - if these products really worked, would millions of women around the world still be getting breast implants, instead of doing it the "natural" way?

but i know how alluring these products are, and how good they make themselves sound, and it is hard to resist their pull (I couldn't!).

in this softcore-porn age (ever notice all the wonderbra and victoria's secret ads around??) of "bigger means better", it is hard to believe that it is okay to have small, or "imperfect" breasts. i have very small breasts, and i just can't convince myself that they are okay, when all i see all day, are women with perky round c or d or dd breasts...

and never being able to find dresses that fit my body right, because they are built for women with big breasts, doesn't help much either.

my boyfriend loves them (or seems to, anyway, i can't quite believe that he isn't lying to me, though i'm sure it must all be in my head), and says that he actually prefers small breasts over big ones. even so, i spend my days online, researching implants... i hope, someday, that they will find some other way to increase breast size, or that this "bigger is better" attitude will go away, and be replaced by something more positive towards women's bodies - and that clothes manufacturers will someday realize that although a women might have actual HIPS (god forbid!), she might not have actual BREASTS in proportion to those hips...!<<

Ok, so not LONG ago, only a couple weeks :) I just found the *smalltits* community and saw this reply of yours. Youtook the words out of mouth regarding finding dresses for chicks with hips, but without matching breasts. I'm not large-chested, but I do have fantastic hips and a butt. Even before I had my son, and moreso now so I. Finding dresses is a pain. I can find some that fit my hips and butt, but I have to pin them or stand up super straight to get them to look non-ridiculous on my chest, or if they fit my chest well, they >>>squeeeeeaze<<<< my hips and butt into oblivion. If clothes design were more my thing, I would totally create a store with clothes made for women with hips, women without chests, and women with both qualities. I'd give special attention to short people because I am one and its an even bigger pain to find clothes for my hips made for short people.

Sorry this is a "commnet late in coming", but I could not pass it up when it is oh-so-true. Peace unto you --Tara--
better late than never :-)
welcome and stuff...
obviously, many many women have this same problem... i seriously doubt, however, that it is a problem that has only recently arisen - i'm sure women have had this problem, ever since clothes were invented ;-)
so why the hell haven't clothes manufacturers caught on to our plight??? do they just want to pretend that we hip-having gals don't exist? at least, in the US, the bikini-people caught on, and began offering mix'n'match tops and bottoms - here in germany, they still haven't figured it out... which is actually ok for me, since i never go swimming anyway, but is torture for the gals that do.

i think your idea of opening a shop is brilliant! maybe we can do the "international" thing - you open one there, and i'll open one here :-D
i am really tired of breaking the lower seams of dresses that fit up top, but not down below and/or having cavernous spaces up top, where the designers expected me to have a C-cup!!!!!!!
Me too!

A friend of mine just sent me some pictures, and I really noticed the hip-boob ratio.

It doesn't make me feel insecure or anything, though. I think every woman has these problems with clothing, because there's something off the barbie standard with everybody! Seriously, every woman has her own story about how hard it is to find [insert article of clothing] because of her [insert body part here].