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i'm 21 years old, and at 5'6" 110 pounds i have a breast size range that goes from 32a to 34b depending on the bra.
as a teenager, i was very ashamed of my body and thought that there was no way anyone could find me beautiful. i hid my form in baggy clothes and avoided any kind of sexual contact. i didn't think there was a place in society for someone built like me.
i've gradually grown more and more comfortable with my body, and am now at the place i am today. i love my body and my small breasts. i'm a tiny girl. my body is proportionate. if my breasts were any larger than a full b, i would look ridiculous and top heavy. people assume that skinny means curveless. i'm skinny and proud of my slight proportionate curves.
i love being able to go without a bra. i typically go without one whenever possible. i can't imagine what it would be like to be hindered by large breasts and not be able to feel as free and active as i do. granted, my boobs have acquired a slight bounce to them, but in some ways i enjoy it. i love wearing skimpy tank tops in the summer heat without a bra. i've recently gotten over the whole "ack my nipples are showing thing". who cares? nipples are beautiful and i should not have to compromise my own comfort.
my small tits garner lots of positive attention from my lovers. while i sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a more societally desirable large breasted woman (or even a cup size larger), i don't think i would permanently trade mine in for another pair. i love the perky sensuality they possess, and as a bisexual i prefer smaller perky breasts on other women too. i'm not saying there is anything wrong with large tits, they just don't meet my personal preference. i find small to be more aesthetically pleasing in many ways.
anyway, i ramble. perhaps i will post a tasteful picture sometime for members only. i was so pleased to find such a positive and male voyeuristic free community. hello to all of you.
also, i'm wondering.. what do you people think of the word "tatas" as used for breasts? i personally just think it is a ridiculous and funny word, and i use it facetiously. others seem to find it offensive, and my male friends even think it conjures up disturbing imagery. could someone explain this to me, please?
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