keke (crazybuttercup) wrote in smalltits,


hey all, im new here and wanna thank firegrrl for letting me join!! :) a little about me...well my breast issues didnt begin till around 5th grade or so when girls started wearing training bras and i was still completely flat. i didnt have to wear a bra till 7th grade and from then on, i can wear anything from a 32A-32B, depending on the bra. i was always so damn selfconscious about it and for years have planned on getting implants whenever i had the money...until about 3 months ago. this past semester i have come to some realizations and figured some stuff out about myself and now i am perfectly happy about with my breasts...well not *perfectly* but i have begun to embrace my androgynous form and finally feel comfortable with my breasts. yay! so this is why i joined, i think this is a great opportunity to meet some awesome people!! :) glad to meetcha all...
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