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Happy Valentine's everyone!

I've just got to talk a bit. Here's the story. The boy who sits next to me on my bus is always talking to my boobies. ^^; Yes, talking to them. Every day he asks "So can I play with them today?" and every day I say "No, stop talking to me or i'll shove you into the window again" but he never fails to continue asking. But the point of this is, lately my boyfriend has been teasing me a bit for being small, and I've gotten aggravated because I'll laugh with him and everything but if I tease him about umm, lets say his weight or something, (he's my teddy bear and I love him ;)) and he'll go all ballistic on me and get pissy. Meanwhile, every day on the way home from my high school, this boy Ryan is constantly calling my breasts cute and perfectly perky and adorable and he's not joking with me, he's serious, and at the same time it unnerves me and makes me want to throw him out the bus window for trying to feel me up, it flatters me to no end ;) But what do I do about the boyfriend who lacks such admiration for my chesty? ... Talk about Ryan at least once a week. He starts appreciating them more when he's trying to claim them all to himself ;)

Boys are so strange. ^_^; *hugs self* Anyways, I hope you all are out with someone who is showering you with affection right now ^_^ or at least in good company. happy v-day!!
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