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Hi :-D

x-posted to smalltits and flatisbeautiful

I'm new to these communities so I know I should probably introduce myself, but I'm posting just to share something I thought was pretty incredible.

I was browsing the two communities after I discovered them tonight and I saw confirmation of what had previously been a myth to me - the guy who actually prefers small breasts!!

I've had experience with the guy who doesn't really care, and the guy who sincerely loves your small breasts but it's his love for you as a person which makes any feature of yours appealing. While I totally appreciate these types of guys, it was just so neat to see guys saying that the smallness - in and of itself - is attractive to them!

But of course it's also nice to have a good self-image regardless of what guys or anyone else thinks... which is why the second part to this is even better.

I was changing for bed and washing up a bit, so shortly after reading the stuff in these communities I happened to be in the bathroom without a shirt on. I turned to the mirror, and for the very first time in my life I saw myself as beautiful not in spite of my breasts but because of them.

It is very freeing to be able to say "I have great breasts!!" Thanks so much. :-)
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