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Well, I thought I'd join this place, embarrassing though it is...

Well, I'm 16 and I'm a 34A (although according to the Next catalogue my breasts are actually too small for this. It seems to fit, though).
At the moment I hate my entire body, because of my small breasts and way too much hair in all the places it shouldn't be. Conventionally, I'm barely female. I tried masturbating once (rather unsuccessfully) and I wasn't sure if stuff was normal.

Its strange because when I was a kid I remember thinking: I hope I don't have big breasts because they'd get in the way all the time.

I wanted to be a boy then but that seemed to fade away at puberty. I think that seeing as I had such 'transsexual potential,' maybe I have some sort of hormonal imbalance.

But now, I go to an all girls grammar school, which full of girls who are more intelligent, more popular, nicer and more attractive than me. Well, most of them aren't more intelligent, but that doesn't seem to be valued at all in today's society. I also have extreme social phobia, so can't speak at all and act very self-consciously. This makes people think that I'm a retarded person who is insensitive to others emotions. I just makes me feel like shit. It has made me very depressed and even suicidal in the past.

Of course, my bra size is only a small contributor to my low self-esteem, but I still hate the way I'm treated for it.

I HATE society. Everyone is OBSESSED with gender. It makes me want to run off the nearest cliff. It's disgusting.

I've reconsidered my gender occasionally and don't think of myself as male or female. My sexuality is all over the damn place, and I'm either gay or bi or blah, I wish I didn't have to name the stupid thing!


Well, I'm lesbian( the moment)and I'm not obsessed with breasts. Maybe I could get a bitter, small-chested girlfriend like myself?

Getting off topic, but anyway; any comments would be helpful.
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