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I love the girl
small empowered
for she cups in my hand

and with both
I can feel
her heart

now my mouth
surrounds her rise
leave no more to taste

suckle with fullness
I draw her in
her eyes look to mine

and we smile

poetry by Casmaran

This is a community for small-breasted and flat-chested women to find mutual appreciation, empowerment, and support.

It is not a place to ruminate about wishes for larger breasts, or to discuss breast-enlargement options. This is a place for celebration. Small tits are cool. Small tits are sexy. Small tits are beautiful!

We are reclaiming for ourselves the joy and pleasure of being petitely endowed. It's the return of the "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" but with a difference. Instead of striving to increase our busts, we are realizing that we are blessed to not have such excessive gazoombas. Let's hear it for the little people!

This community is primarily for women and girls to share their experiences and knowledge. Males are permitted to comment, but only if they have positive and empowering input. This is not a meat market.

Hint--These are examples of comments that are not empowering.

I like small tits.
Small tits are hot.
You are hot.
You make me smile.
Big tits suck.
Small tits suck.

Even when these comments are said in the most sincere and well-intentioned manner, they emphasize the common misconception that women need a man's approval to feel attractive. The point of this community is to get beyond that. If you want to debate this point, please feel free to give your opinion anywhere in this post. Otherwise, I ask you to leave behind your perceptions of female beauty existing through your perspective.

Although males are, as I said, permitted to comment and to watch the community, they cannot be members. I'm trying not to be gender-exclusive (hence the open comment policy), but only those with mammaries (big or small) are permitted to be members of the community. We're trying to emphasize the idea that this is primarily a woman-space, a place where the male patriarchal gaze is rendered irrelevant.

If this offends you, allow me to suggest the littletits community. It may be more what you're looking for.

Also, even though we are celebrating the small tit, let's not be critical of larger tits. Be tolerant and celebrate differences.

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