yes, miss monroe (dyingviolet) wrote in smalltits,
yes, miss monroe


i'm new, names athena and yippy skippy doo for small tits. :)

i have (not-just-self-christened) small tits. i'm a 36A. With the one 36B cheap four dollar jcpenney bra. i like them. sometimes people tell me they aren't that small, but that's usually guys, and guys don't care as long as they're they're breasts, right? i have the smallest chest out of all my friends. the rest go as follows: 34DD, 38C, 36C, 36C and one girl who might be the same as me, but her breasts are definitely bigger. these girls are the ones that make the comments about my "flat chest." conversations usually go something like this...
me: my boob hurts.
them: athena, you don't have any boobs.
(and the girls that are saying this are usually the ones with the C cup. my friend with the DD never makes any comments like that... funny how that works.)
but anyway, i went through puberty when i was pretty young (ten) and all that, so my breasts have been fully grown for well... a long time. (i'm almost 16 now.)
and i like them.
i like cute little bikinis that fit just right (up top anyway... the not-flat stomach and all that gets in the way of things), i like wearing push up bras and not looking like i'm trying to shove one of my tits into my eye...
yes, i like it. :)
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