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Hello everybody. I am new here, and happy to find a small breast community that isn't just a bunch of people showing their breasts. One thing that I don't understand is why small chested girls are suddenly called flat chested these days? There is nothing at all wrong with a flat chest, I just don't like when AA, A and B cup women are called that simply because it isn't true.
I am a 32 A (sometimes B). I was wishing that I had a bigger chest for awhile, but now I don't care anymore. I don't wear extremely padded and gel filled bras,I just wear push-up with a wee bit of padding (which I would wear no matter what my size). Sometimes I wish that they would put a small breasted woman as a "sexy woman" in one of those irritating television commercials, or have a smaller chested Victoria's Secret model... but eh well.
I do not think that certain womens magazines and Girls gone wild commercials are really helping small chested women feel good about themselves. They put so much pressure on women to have large "man-pleasing" breasts. Not all men even prefer larger breasts. and about those few men who really care and put down small breasts... the hell with them.

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