You're My Playground Love (lo_li_ta) wrote in smalltits,
You're My Playground Love

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Just thought I'd say hello since I'm new here. I have 34B size boobs and I've really grown to love them. When I was younger, I felt bad that I didn't have a big chest and didn't see how guys could be attracted to me. When I was in high school, I started getting very serious about dancing, and it was there that I realized having small boobs is a very good thing...big jigglers make dancing unbareable!

I'm sick of the way our society thinks women need a have big breasts. Not all of us want to be juggy girls or hooters waitresses. Not that I have any thing against big boobs (at lot fo my friends have 'em), I just don't understand why society thinks we all need to be built the same way. Anyway, glad I joined!
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