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Yay! I'm new!

I read almost all of the entries to this community in one sitting when I stumbled upon it. I'm a 34 (sometimes 32) A, and this community made me insanely happy! lol! I wasnt comfortable with myself until recently, I'm in an odd long-distance relationship that started online and will be becoming physical this summer (he's coming to FL to visit and then we plan on living together to go to college.. etc) and I've always been worried that once he sees my body in all its glory (or lack thereof) he'd lose interest physically. But seeing all of the members on this community and their egos and beautiful confidence in what they have (or dont have ;)) I've totally backed off of that mindset! I doubt I'll be growing more anytime soon, I've pretty much given up hope on that, but now I'm trying to think in terms of how what I've got can be better sometimes (I'm bi, and I actually prefer my girls rather small-chested as well...), instead of always wishing that one day I'd wake up with at least a 36 B. (I'd be satisfied. lol. totally satisfied.) I'm thin and kind of tall, so I guess it isnt that bad. But yeah. I'm rambling! :P sorry.

Basically, I'm really glad I joined this community. :) All your confidence is breathtakingly beautiful.
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